Video Distribution  & Recording Systems

A single coherent Video managment system enabling easy acess and recording of all video in a multi video source system

The VDRS system is developed to handle all video sources in a multi system environment into one coherent system.

 Traditional video distribution systems are based on video matrix systems which fast grow into costly, complex architectures which provide little flexibility regarding video storage, distribution and reviewing of the video content.

VDRS is integration of commercial subsystems with adaptation of specially developed hardware and software to be able to collect video data from multiple sources from different systems with different video formats.


VDRS utilize video as network video streams, enabling multi video handling capability into one coherent system:

·        Video Capture

·        Video Distribution

·        Video Recording

·        Video Live/Playback Presentation

This enables a common pool of all video sources and allows multiple usage of the video pool content:

·        Management support

·        Operation support

·        Training

·        Debrief and post analysis

·        Situation evidence