Company Info

Company overview

Electronicon AS has been a supplier to the Norwegian defense marking the last 45 years, in particular the Norwegian Navy.

Electronicon AS is a small private owned company with two major business segment; Programs and support. Electronicon delivers both own developed solutions and are partners with other major suppliers.

Electronicon AS is member of FSI

Existing Markets

Electronicon As main market is the Norwegian defense marked. In addition, Electronicon AS has exported solution to overseas navies.

Electronicon AS has exported several navigation interfacing and distribution solution to

Company facilities

Beautifully situated at Mathopen only 5 minutes away from Haakonsvern Naval base. Electronicon AS house facilities to conduct, engineering, production and integration as well as storage and training facilities.

Quality Assurance

Electronicon AS holds a QA certification according to EN-NS ISO 9001:2015.