Navigation Data Distribution System


Highly Configurable Solution

  • Electronicon AS developed hardware
  • Simple buffering of serial data (one input to one or many serial outputs)
  • Data format conversion (e.g. Proprietary to standard NMEA format)
  • Transmission speed conversion (Data rate, Baudrate conversion)
  • Combining data from different sensors into a single output interface
  • Data filtering (only allow distribution of specific data messages, e.g. only distribute NMEA GGA, ZDA, VTG messages from a GPS unit)
  • Data message manipulation (e.g.. add time stamp data, change data source indicator etc. to a data message before redistribution)
  • Distribution of data from (Auto Selection) the best/prioritized data source 
  • Act as a low latency media converter: Serial Data -> LAN, LAN -> Serial Data
  • Digital Distribution
  • Synchro Distribution
  • Synchro to Digital conversion
  • Digital to Synchro conversion
  • High power Synchro modules
  • Analog to Digital conversion modules
  • Multiple digital interfaces FormatsType text here

Navigation Interface Unit

The “Navigation Interface Unit” (NIU) is a data distributor, data translator and data monitor for ships using multiple navigational sensors (e.g. GPS, Gyro, INS, Log, AIS, Weather Stations, etc.) and having a large number of systems requiring data from these sensors.


Synchro Modules

  • Standalone serial data to Synchro format converter unit
  • Dual synchro output (1VA each)
  • Fine + Coarse or two independent outputs
  • 90V L-L (115V ref) or 11,8 V L-L (26V ref)
  • Selectable formats: Heading, Roll, Pitch or custom. 
  • Ratio 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:36, 1:45 or 1:360
  • Two RS422 serial data input interfaces
  • Status display for each synchro output
  • Customizable serial data input formats

Module base Design

  • DDM 8 input/output digital procesor module
  • Analog to Digital modules
  • HDLC module
  • Custom made modules